Multinet IPLC service offers variety of services at different speeds ranging from E1 to 10G. These circuits enable transmission of large volumes of data swiftly, reliably, securely and efficiently. Multinet provides seamless connectivity on major submarine cable systems via SMW 5, SMW 4, SMW 3, IMEWE, TW1 and AAE1.

One-stop-shop delivery feature which includes ordering, billing and fault-reporting
Speeds range from 2 Mbps to E1 and are scalable to high-end requirements (e.g. DS3, STM1 up to STM 64/10G)
Virtually error-free transmission service
Support available for a wide range of standard interfaces (e.g. G703, V.35, Optical, FE, GE, LOGE etc.)
Guaranteed and secured service availability through a 99.98% Service Level Agreement
Secure connectivity service for exclusive corporate networks
100% restorability via physically diverse routes
  • Dedicated technical assistance