HCM Cloud

Making Human Resource, Resourceful!
HCM Cloud would be the central HR software that provides unified & secure HR experience with seamless scaling across HR functionalities. HCM Cloud is designed to run on Microsoft Azure; thus guarantees Performance, Security and Efficiency of the HR data stored in the system. Now, businesses can confidently maintain sensitive employee data on cloud, while enhancing HR performance on secure and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Multinet provides state of the art HCM solution on cloud (SaaS) that digitalizes the HR domain of an organization providing flexibility, reliability, security and accessibility for HR operations.


We are enabling organizations to move to a comprehensive digital HCM platform, with seamless scaling across functionalities, delivering a consumer grade user experience to all stakeholders of the organization.

Seamlessly integrated functionality across HCM Core to Talent Management
Localized version of HCM cloud that includes localized payroll and HR practices
Flexible, highly available and secure HCM cloud solution with identity integration.
Analytics offered by HCM Cloud have the potential to assist HR in recognizing historic trends and even take predictive approaches to align HR and talent strategies with Business Needs.
Ability to integrate with custom functionality & other system’s API
Hosted on state of the art infrastructure of Azure & Multinet.

Multinet proudly advances in the Domain of HR & technology as the authorized partner and distributor for Microimage HCM solution, Sri Lanka.

Microimage has the privilege and experience of over 15+ years, working with topnotch HR consultants and experts of various domains. With the vast expertise of the Human Resources realm, it has delivered HR solutions to more than 600 companies, built around technological advancements and best practices.